Friday, October 04, 2019

Plaza Suite

My wife and I had the opportunity to attend a preview showing of Plaza Suite, by Neil Simon, performed at the Arvada Center.  The company at the Black Box Theater has always impressed me and the chance to take in a light comedy was not to be missed.

The play was essential 3 acts plus 1 mini-act with all roles be played the same group of 5 actors.  All of the acts take place in Suite 719 of the famed Plaza Hotel in New York with couples at various stages of their lives.  The first act consisted of a couple married over 20 years, with a workaholic husband and supportive wife.  The second act consisted of high school sweethearts reconnecting, despite the woman being married and the man being thrice divorced.  The third act consisted of a married couple that is actually a team working to get their soon to be married daughter out of the bathroom and to the venue.

The dialogue was witty and I would have missed several of the 1968 references if not for the study guide.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Trip to Memphis

I had the opportunity to fly to Memphis to visit my folks.  I try to go by myself about once a year and I timed it to line up with my Dad's eye surgery.

They are doing well and a lot has changed in Germantown with new stores and shops popping up all over the place.

We went by the Container Store and I got new Nalgene bottles to replace the ones I left in Houston.  My mom had some Banana Republic rewards and I got a pair of shorts and two new polo shirts.

We did a surprising amount of dining out

Chicken Salad Chick - I sampled the Classic Carol, Olivia's Old South, Lauryn's Lemon Basil and Fancy Nancy.  I ended up ordering Olivia's Old South (my favorite) on toasted white bread with a side of Fancy Nancy.  Honestly, I think I would have enjoyed any of them.  It was fresh, light and flavorful.  Although we carried out, the restaurant was bright and airy with a good vibe.  Several people were picking up grab and go 16 ounce containers of chicken salad.  I feel like this could be a great franchise opportunity in Denver.

Newk's Eatery - I ordered the Chicken Pesto Sandwich with pasta salad.

Bombay House - I ordered the Tandoori dinner which was very good and very generous serving sizes.  I took about half home to go.  My parents were able to split the vegetarian dinner with minimal leftovers.

I also was able to fix their Amazon Alexa, help them navigate some financial accounts and fix the Roku device my sister gave them.  As a result of the Roku, we watched a few Hindi movies on Netflix including

Bareilly Ki Barfi - Cute Rom-Com

Baazaar - Wall Street movie based on an insider trading scheme

Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga - Cute Rom-Com

Between those activities and catching up on what is going on in the world, it was a very pleasant trip.

The United flights were OK.  The flight out was great.  The plane was half empty and plenty of room in the overhead compartments.  I had a whole row to myself.  The flight back was more full, but there were plenty of empty seats.  It was a smaller plane and my backpack was more full and I had to do a lot of rearranging to get my stuff to fit.  I also had a cooler bag full of snacks that fit under the seat in front of my.

I was reading Fall; or, Dodge in Hell by Neal Stephenson, but abandoned it in favor of Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell.  I may pick it back up, but it was not as engaging as Seven Eves.  The Gladwell book did not disappoint during the first few chapters.

Monday, August 26, 2019

2019 D'Evelyn Dash

As my first foray into individual "endurance" racing since 2015, I had a lot of fun at a charity 5K held for my daughter's Junior/Senior High School on Saturday.  The event consisted of boys and girls cross country races, followed by an open 5k and finally an open 2K.

I completed the 5K in a chip time of 31:31 (10:09 pace), much faster than I have run in quite a while.  Crossfit Golden has done a couple of 5K runs.  In April, I was at 39 minutes and this past week, I was at 34 minutes, but those were definitely performed in the spirit of training.

I was very impressed with my kids and the 2K run.

Nisha finished in 12:49 (10:19 pace) - 5:08 in video below
Ratna finished in 14:42 (11:50 pace) - 7:01 in video below
Diya finished in 15:12 (12:14 pace) - 7:28 in video below

I finished at 13:57 in the video below.

The event was well organized with vendors and D'Evelyn clubs in attendance.  There were plenty of port-o-lets and water stations along with a ton of volunteers.  I would definitely do this event again.

On the way home, we stopped by the Arvada Days Festival and had a lot of fun gathering swag from the vendor booths.  Green Leaf was there providing sports recovery sessions and I was impressed by a technique I had not tried before.  The fascia on my calves was broken us using the Rock Tape Tomahawk and Rock Rub balm.  I worked with Robert from the 64th and Indiana location and was very impressed.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Funn Mamba Pedals

In an earlier post, I related my mountain biking adventures.  Although I rented a bike, I opted to bring my shoes and pedals.  The pedals worked well enough, but they are certainly an older model SPD pedal (circa 1996).  As I was doing a little hike-a-bike up the climbs, I found my cleats filling with mud and then it was tough to get clipped back in.

I had been wanting platform pedals for my Surly for quite some time and this was the perfect opportunity to upgrade my pedals.  I looked at Crank Brothers Doubleshot and the Shimano Dual Platform pedals.  I went with the Funn Mamba single sided for a couple of reasons.  (1) the Crank Brothers would not less suitable without cleats.  (2) the Shimano Dual had a smallish platform.  I felt like the Crank Brothers would clear mud better, but I am rarely riding in muddy conditions.

Installation was a breeze and I picked up some Park Anti-Sieze as well so that I would not have problems down the road.  They were well packaged, came with cleats and spare nubbins and a hex key.

I took a brief test ride and really enjoyed them.  The tension is adjustable, but the factory settings were just fine for me.  Very light clip in and clip out.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Winter Park Weekend

This past weekend, we traveled to winter park for a bike race I had signed up for and some summer alpine playtime.

The drive up was pretty easy.  We headed off Friday afternoon and checked into the Winter Park Mountain Lodge.  Then we headed into town so I could pick up my rental bike from Ski Depot.  After getting settled we headed out for dinner at The Peak restaurant.

Saturday was race day.  I cruised down to the venue by 6:40 AM for the race briefing, waiver signing, etc.  Crossfit Golden members made up 45 of the 130 person field.  They had a couple of tents set up and were cooking and had beverages all day.  It was really fun to hang out with people socially.  I also really appreciated my family coming out and cheering me on.  I am glad I was able to return the bike Saturday, rather than having to try to get it back Sunday morning.

After the race we grabbed a pizza for dinner and then hung out at the pool and hot tub at the hotel.

Sunday was family fun day.  Despite cooler weather we headed to the resort for the alpine slide, ropes course, rock wall climbing and putt-putt.  The weather rolled in so we ended up getting rain checks for another visit.

The drive back was tough, but the family did really well in the car.

Thursday, August 01, 2019

Titleist TS1

I was getting a wedge re-gripped at Golf Galaxy and had a chance to swing some drivers.

TaylorMade M6 - I started with this one and was not hitting it particularly well

Callaway Epic Flash - I grabbed this one next and really liked it.  The ball came off well and I was seeing consistently improved distance numbers.

Ping G400 - This was comparable to the Callaway in terms of distance and forgiveness, but the ball did not sound as good coming off.

Titleist TS1 - This was my favorite.  It sounded as good as the Callaway and had similar distance numbers.  The advantage over the Callaway was color scheme and styling.

I am not in a hurry to purchase a driver.  I do not often play regulation courses and am content on the par 3's.  However, I will likely get fitted and purchase a Titleist TS2 (more forgiving) driver for next season.  

Monday, July 22, 2019

Water World

We got together with 2 other families for a perfect day at Water World.  We went first class all the way with a cabana rental and tube valet.  Everybody brought fixings for lunch.  The weather was perfect in the morning and even by afternoon it was tolerable.

We set up shop in Cabana #6, by the Thunder Bay Wave Pool.  In addition to 2 tables, 8 chairs and 4 lounge chairs, the cabanas also have a ceiling fan, refrigerator and access to fountain drinks.

From there we started doing rides in The West Coast Adventure Section with Glacier Run, The Storm and Lost River of the Pharaohs.

Then we took a short break and took the Express Gondola over to the Big Top section of the park.  First stop was the Mile High Flyer, then Double Dare.  The more adventurous among us took on Tiger Tail (the long straight shot white water slides).  The Flatliner was the most exposed, I did the easiest center run.  Walking back we stopped at The Revolution in Wild Isle which had the longest line and where the tube valet pass really came in handy.  We also took a lap on one of the more gentle rides in that section.

After that we took a break for lunch.  It was all picnic food with sandwich fixings, fried chicken, vegetables and fruit.  Feeling sated we headed back out for more rides.

We headed over to River Country for Eagle River, Rio Grande River and Ragin' Colorado River.  After that we went to The Wave, where we each took turns wiping out in short order.  I was actually a little impressed by the guys who were just getting in line all day to work on their skills (bringing their own boogie board and some were wearing wet suits).  We also went over to The Voyage to the Center of the Earth.

Any downtime was quickly utilized by the kids splashing in the Thunder Bay Wave Pool.

That was the end of the day for me, the kids repeated a few rides, but I was pretty much done.  We did not see any of Calypso Cove or the North Shore.  We also missed doing The Lazy River, so there are a few attractions waiting for us next time.  We did buy ice cream and dipping dots for the kids.  It was nice to have 2 other families with us so the kids could have companions and there were buffer people around as the heat sometimes gets tempers going.

Ice cream was reasonably priced, they had plenty of lockers for valuables, folks are allowed to bring in coolers and the staff was all very friendly.  Hyland Hills residents are $19 for adults and $16 for kids.  Non-residents are $46 for adults and $40 for children, but there are numerous discounts available such as $10 off from Subway or buying tickets in advance.  The Thunder Bay Standard Cabana Rental is $269 plus a municipal fee (There are other cabanas at various price points around the park starting at $129).  Finally Tube Valet bands are $70 and allows the band wearer 4 guests to take the tube valet shorter lines (and not carry tubes).  We did not rent tubes, but that would be $5 per guest.

I was glad that I had cheap sunglasses and flip flops with me.  In the future, I would also bring a small drawstring bag to keep a towel, shirt, hat and cash on me.

The crowds and lines were much smaller than I expected.  We waited on average 10 minutes for the attractions and the wave pool was not chaotic.  I think the tube valet would be more valuable on a busy day, but a worthwhile purchase at any rate.  I was surprised we lasted all day at the park from 10 AM to 6 PM.

Golf Lesson

My wife was thoughtful enough to get me golf lessons for Father's Day and we finally made it over to Indian Tree in Arvada for our lesson with Willard.  We started out with some introductions, how long have we been playing golf and quickly moved onto how to hold a golf club.  The grip having been established, we swung a few times and received corrections individually.

  • The ball will go where your belly button is pointing, bring your hips all the way around
  • Force is generated as the tension developed between the hips and the shoulders is released, turning the shoulders winds up the spring

Willard was very personable and kept the lesson very entertaining.  An hour is a long time, and it fun to think about a golf swing, how to keep that swing repeatable, how force is generated and that head still is different from eye on the ball.

I was also relieved that he grabbed a ladies club for my wife who has been using my clubs which are too heavy, too long and have larger grips on them.

I look forward to putting some of Willard's instruction into my practice at the range this week.  Ideally, I would schedule one lesson a month with a golf pro while I am learning the game.