Monday, August 26, 2019

2019 D'Evelyn Dash

As my first foray into individual "endurance" racing since 2015, I had a lot of fun at a charity 5K held for my daughter's Junior/Senior High School on Saturday.  The event consisted of boys and girls cross country races, followed by an open 5k and finally an open 2K.

I completed the 5K in a chip time of 31:31 (10:09 pace), much faster than I have run in quite a while.  Crossfit Golden has done a couple of 5K runs.  In April, I was at 39 minutes and this past week, I was at 34 minutes, but those were definitely performed in the spirit of training.

I was very impressed with my kids and the 2K run.

Nisha finished in 12:49 (10:19 pace) - 5:08 in video below
Ratna finished in 14:42 (11:50 pace) - 7:01 in video below
Diya finished in 15:12 (12:14 pace) - 7:28 in video below

I finished at 13:57 in the video below.

The event was well organized with vendors and D'Evelyn clubs in attendance.  There were plenty of port-o-lets and water stations along with a ton of volunteers.  I would definitely do this event again.

On the way home, we stopped by the Arvada Days Festival and had a lot of fun gathering swag from the vendor booths.  Green Leaf was there providing sports recovery sessions and I was impressed by a technique I had not tried before.  The fascia on my calves was broken us using the Rock Tape Tomahawk and Rock Rub balm.  I worked with Robert from the 64th and Indiana location and was very impressed.

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