Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Snow Day

Yes, we all still live in Colorado. Last night was a good reminder of what life can be like on the Colorado Front Range. There was a nice 6 inch “dusting” for the roads which made for slippery, but certainly passable conditions. Those venturing to the mountains would be wise to engage 4WD and have the chains handy. For the rest of us, it was enough to take it slow and leave a couple of extra car lengths.

My daughter did surprisingly well during the trip to day care. She was obviously bundled up and did not seem to mind the snow. When the truck cab warmed up, she dozed off. Obviously she was not entertained by my singing along to the radio. She did wake up pretty quick during the transition from the truck to day care as she was pelted with snow while I fumbled for her car seat canopy.

While it is far from extreme weather, it is a nice reminder to take precautions to be able to work remotely if required. This can be a fairly straight forward exercise for most of us. However for some of us, it is a good reminder to have a briefcase with relevant documents and contact numbers. Digital documents can be easily transferred with a memory stick to provide the ability to work from home. Finally it is important to verify remote connectivity on a regular basis to avoid troubling IT on these busier days.

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