Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Vegas Baby!

A gambling vacation is one of the few that I feel comfortable taking by myself. I would find it very odd to go site-seeing or other travel without friends or family. I think Vegas is a destination that can be enjoyed with a spouse/significant other, family or solo as long as there is some trip planning and ground rules.

My wife enjoys traveling, dining out and going to shows. I enjoy gambling. My family enjoys a blend of both. Fortunately Vegas offers any and everything for any and everybody.

My current adventure is going to be a solo trip while my wife is away on business. As it is a gambling junket weekend, I was careful to book the trip for roughly 48 hours. A longer trip than that would strain my sensibilities and possibly my wallet. I could absolutely enjoy a 24 trip flying in-flying out and playing a 12+ hour session of cards and hitting the craps tables. I could also enjoy 4 days with company to go out to dinner, go shopping and maybe catch a show.

So far I have plane tickets and a room reservation at the Gold Coast casino and resort. This should work out very well as I am not paying to stay on the strip and the Gold Coast is close to my casinos of interest.

I definitely want to play at the Palms and will probably do this Saturday night after checking in. I will probably walk down to the Bellagio as well to play some poker either Sunday night or Monday. The Gold Coast also offers free shuttles to The Orleans which is pretty cool in that I could get my Omaha game tuned up. The only places to venture to that I will miss will be the Venetian and the Wynn. I think these are more destinations as the poker is not particularly great but the card rooms are very comfortable.

Another big plus of staying off the strip is within my budget dining options when I am not in the mood for comp food. Of course I am usually always in the mood for comp food.

The only downside could be that hotel amenities will be limited and shopping, fine dining and other strip offerings are harder to come by, but I am not interested in any of this anyway. Security might be a concern but I will use the buses during the day time and cabs at night.

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