Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Holy Boot Batman

So here is the first follow up post from the podiatrist. You may recall that I was in the midst of a lingering ankle injury which has been getting worse, better, worse since mid July. I made an appointment August 4th and the first opening was August 19th. I felt much better last week and was bicycling again and decided not to take a cancellation appointment August 11th. Of course then I started feeling worse and kept my 19th appointment. After filling out the requisite paper work, I started the long history of what I thought was going on and how I had been treating it.

She listened carefully and provided some education on ankle anatomy. She also dismissed all of my self-diagnosis options as unlikely. The self-treatment wasn’t doing any harm, nor was it doing much good. My history included trauma to both ankles on various occasions and uncertain factors relating to onset of flare ups over the last two years. On physical exam she noted mild swelling and significant stinting (which means that my muscles and tendons are locking my foot in place) which was most likely tendonitis secondary to the core issue. Her inspection of my running shoes noted there was more wear on my right shoe which indicates some long term compensation. She also took a set of x-rays to diagnose any underlying skeletal condition.

Depending on the x-rays follow up could include a CT scan or MRI. Long term treatment could also include orthotics. A follow up appointment has been scheduled for September 2nd. For the next two weeks, I am expected to wear this gigantic soft boot. My vanity nearly forced me to just tape it up and ride out the next couple of weeks, but the boot made it so much easier to walk. She also informed me that diligence wearing the boot would provide for a speedier recovery.

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