Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tarsal Coalition

I finally heard back from my podiatrist and the X-rays confirm a tarsal coalition meaning that a couple of bones are fused together in my foot. This isn’t unusual and is often asymptomatic. In my case, the pain and secondary tendonitis suggest treatment with orthotics. These are custom insoles that I will wear in my shoes which should provide the right kind of support to avoid further injury and the need for surgery. I am all for that.

Interestingly my right foot started bothering me and when I asked about this she said it was most likely a leg length discrepancy caused by the soft boot. It has been getting better but the onset and resolution is reminiscent of my left foot problems 2 years ago.

The soft boot has worked wonders and I have been pain free since Friday. The biggest question in my mind is what activity level do I intend to return to? Can I expect to run again regularly without further injury or should I stick to activities that are less demanding on the joints? I could also consider physical therapy and sports physiologists who can provide specific treatment and form recommendations to reduce further injury.

My plan is to stick to bicycling, walking and swimming in the near term. Hopefully by dropping some weight and use of the orthotics I can strengthen my feet and develop a fitness plan for the next 40 years.

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