Monday, September 08, 2008

At home with Baby

This past week has been unusually hectic with my wife travelling on business during the week and having obligations during the weekend as well. That left me home babysitting which I usually enjoy because it give me one on one time with my daughter who obviously prefers my wife’s company if given the choice.

The Wednesday-Thursday split was pretty low key, as she was in day care. My biggest challenge was dinner and we opted for pizza Wednesday night and Denny’s Thursday night. We even dined in both nights which worked out surprisingly well and saved me two nights of dishes. Even getting her ready both mornings was uneventful and she sat patiently waiting for me to get ready the day we both overslept.

The Saturday-Sunday split was more challenging, as I was responsible for multiple meals and entertainment. Fortunately the weather was nice and we were able to get out to the park. These adventures are entertaining for me as well as I enjoy seeing her push her physical limits and try new things. Of course this can be nerve racking as well. Meals did not go over well either day as I experimented with French toast for breakfast Saturday and grilled cheese for lunch on Sunday. Fortunately I had an evening reprieve and I was able to get away with only one bath during my charge.

Bath time isn’t terribly difficult, but it seems unnecessary as children don’t really develop body odor and for the most part she doesn’t get dirty except for her hands and her face which I probably wash a little overzealously.

At any rate it was a fun week with Duplos, rings and of course the shape game. She hasn’t been improving at the shape game, but that does not change her enthusiasm. I reflect on my own stubbornness and limited information, when I see her trying to force a square block into a round hole.

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