Monday, September 29, 2008

The Big Easy

This weekend was a family trip to New Orleans to visit some old family friends, take in the tourist scene, enjoy non-Denver cuisine and for the gambler in the family some gaming.

The flight was uneventful although my daughter chose to shift her sleep schedule to when we were running around rather than during the flight. We got the rental car and car seat OK and Garmin got mixed reviews for navigating town. That night we went to Copeland’s for dinner and met up with some friends prior to arriving at our host’s house. After the family activities died down I swung over to Boomtown Casino for a little poker and dice.

Saturday was our tourist day. Again my daughter could not get a nap in edgewise as we started our adventures with Willie Mae’s for fried chicken. I was not impressed, but we did take in a piece of history along with 3 other couples who watch too much food network. The Zoo was a lot of fun and it was nice to see Diya observe the other kids and various exotic animals. The highlight was the fresh squeezed lemonade. Then it was off to the French Quarter for CafĂ© du Monde and beignets. After taking some pictures, some light shopping and milling about, we headed to La Fiesta for neighborhood Tex-Mex. It was good food and a terrific value. Back home we took a nap, picked up some groceries and unwound prior to having dinner. Dinner was cauliflower and potatoes with some more family friends. Their 4 year old wasn’t too interested in Diya, but that is how it goes. After dinner I took another excursion to Boomtown Casino, playing well into the night before our travel day.

Sunday was the quick departure. We enjoyed breakfast at home, met with some old neighbors, and grabbed the last of the hard to get foodstuffs. Never take for granted Piccadilly or Dunkin Donuts. They are not everywhere. The flight back was easier as Diya was able to sleep. We hit Olive Garden on the way home as cooking dinner was not seen as a welcome task after 2 nights on the road.
Stay tuned for some pictures.

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