Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Labor Day

This past Labor Day weekend the family truly paid homage to the American worker needing a break. We did not plan any trips, did not have people over and ventured out as a family for less than three hours to attend some casual (less than 20 people) functions.

The break was well deserved and everybody was reasonably healthy. My daughter’s fever broke Thursday night, she received her immunizations without incident on Friday and she is tolerating her antibiotics quite well. I got my crown on Friday and was thrilled to be chewing from both sides of my mouth all weekend. Further my foot pain has resolved itself and I got cast for orthotics on Tuesday. Assuming all continues to go well, I intend to start non-weight bearing exercise next week. My wife was unfortunately struggling with her tooth, but otherwise everything has been smooth.

My daughter certainly seemed to enjoy everybody being at home. We had outings to the park and baby even got a new pair of shoes as we hit the mall on Monday. I enjoyed a couple of card sessions. My “weekly” jaunts had been disrupted by health and scheduling issues. More impressively, I had back to back winning sessions which is unusual. Even my wife enjoyed a Sunday night out with her girlfriend. This is a fairly unusual occurrence as sleep is usually the preferred downtime of choice for her.

The highlight of the weekend was probably carry-out Indian food from Star of India. We ordered vegetable samosas, chicken tikka kabob, bharta makhani and of course a double order of garlic naan. It was expensive, but it kept us in eats all weekend. With gas prices we rarely venture to that side of town and our other Indian food connection has had wavering value.

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