Wednesday, September 17, 2008

MAC Knife

Well my MAC knife arrived on Monday and I finally had an opportunity to use it last night. For those of you asking why I am excited about a knife, I will provide a little background. I recently took an interest in cooking and have been occasionally preparing meals at home with the current accoutrement of kitchen goods I have.

I found that a few of the items consistently let me down, including my Farberware knife set. This is not their fancy line of forged knives, but is instead a set of stamped knives that are well suited cutting fruit and little else.

The search for a kitchen knife started with an investigation of the obvious name brands including Wusthof, Henckels and Global. A forged knife with good balance and hand feel was essential. Sharpness was the next key issue as I was tired of smushing my tomato as I tried to cut it into slices. After perusing some knife reviews I settled on MAC knives which are made in Japan.

After a few weeks of pouring over styles, I settled on the MSK-65 MAC professional series Mighty Santoku 6.5” model. I had heard good things about Santoku style knives and have occasionally found my 8” chef’s knife to be unwieldy for most tasks except for cutting a watermelon.

I decided to order the knife from The retail price is $120, but I could not find the knife at any retail outlets. There were a few websites including pass through retailers at Amazon. At the end of the day it cost $99.95 with shipping included.

What was the magical dish? It was merely burritos, but the knife did glide through the tomato and made short work of the Vidalia onion. It was truly effortless and a joy to consume properly diced vegetables.

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