Monday, October 20, 2008

Quint Valley Golf Course

With all of the hullabaloo surrounding the election and the financial crisis kind of coasting this week, I wanted to make a departure to an outing this week at Quint Valley Golf Course. Bear in mind that I haven’t swung a golf club in over a year and have not played a round of golf in at least 4 or 5 years. Nevertheless, I could not pass up an invitation from an old friend.

The weather in Colorado was picture perfect, in the low seventies with variable winds. Obviously we started off with a bucket of balls, which allayed some of my fears. I had only brought 12 balls for 9 holes and was hoping that I did not lose more than one/hole.

The first two holes were moderate par fours which I managed to snowman. My short game was no better than my long game as I flew from left of the fairway to right of the fairway and rolled off nearly every green with my chipping. This resulted in being on in 5 and 3 putting. My partner was doing much better actually scoring par on the first hole.

The day did progressively get better, although I exceeded my one mulligan per nine holes several times over. The real joy of course is relaxing on the course for a couple of hours and catching up on old times and current events. I had another opportunity to catch up with a friend from college about a month ago and it goes to show that men for whatever reason can go months and years losing touch and not miss a beat.

That ability is most likely due the scope limitations and ends oriented thinking. There are only so many things of concern to us. While opinions on politics may be interesting, it does not enter conscious thought while reminiscing about people we have lost touch with. Similarly the how and why of losing or gaining weight is not as relevant as the number of pounds lost or gained. With that framework, a couple of hours is more than enough time to catch up and voids the necessity of daily or weekly phone calls.

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