Monday, December 22, 2008

Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist

I am a big fan of teen movies. I just can’t help myself. I am not sure if it is because I would like to fantasize about what it would have felt like to be a cool kid in high school or if high school was just a simpler time when a person has no real responsibilities. Either way, even bad teen movies are good.

The movie plot is essential a group of kids from New Jersey searching for a band playing a surprise concert in the City. As it turns out Nick has not so recently broken up with a girl who he is still infatuated with. Norah is in a bad relationship based more on what she can do for her beau, rather than her own attributes. Their paths cross early in the evening and they find a connection in music. The rest of the cast includes the obligatory drunk girl, the token minorities and a few other teen social castes.

The cast was really good with the kid from Juno as Nick and a John Cho cameo. I don’t know if Norah has been in anything else, but she had a comfortable, goofy feel as the female lead. All in all, I really enjoyed the movie.

With the title infinite playlist, the soundtrack was pretty good and I may even considering purchasing it. There were also a few one-liner gems which I may search for as sound clips. While it doesn’t fall into the “Can’t Hardly Wait” or “10 Things I Hate About You” category, I would classify it as a must rent.

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