Monday, January 26, 2009

The Grand

I finally had the opportunity to watch “The Grand” as my wife let it float to the top of our Blockbuster queue. The film is dubbed a mockumentary and follows a field of players through a winner take all $10 million dollar poker tournament.

As a poker player, I found it entertaining. It had a pretty good cast as well as cameos from a number of famous players. The story itself was what I expected without any plot twists. I was actually surprised that the DVD offered alternative endings. The film has the potential to generate a cult following similar to “This is Spinal Tap.”

The non-poker player will in all likelihood not be able to finish the movie as overall it is bad. I cannot endorse it as a rental. If however down the road you seek an irreverent spoof of the mid 2000’s poker boom, this is the definitive movie. Dramatically it is much worse than “Lucky You” or “Deal,” but it is the only poker comedy I know of.

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