Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Long Weekend

One of the perks of my current employer is the inclusion of Martin Luther King Day and President’s Day as holidays. While I would typically prefer a couple of floating holidays during the summer, a few winter long weekends can be nice.

I actually had absolutely no errands to take care of this weekend, so it was a little tough to fill the time. I enjoyed a 50 minute massage after cutting out of work early. My wife and I also enjoyed a pre-Valentine’s Day dinner at Ruby Tuesday.

Saturday was equally uneventful and I took in the “The Unborn” at the discount theater. While it was $2.50 well spent, I would not recommend it to a family with a baby on the way. The premise was a little disturbing with dislocated souls and what not. The only family event Saturday was our weekly trek to Costco for samples. Some activities just don’t get old. We also stopped by the Macy's liquidation sale and as with all liquidation sales it left much to be desired.

Sunday was a pleasant afternoon at the Hindu temple in Littleton. We actually arrived early enough to sing some slokas and hear the explanations by the priest. Unfortunately, two full days of family time began to take its toll and I ventured out to the casinos that evening. It was a quick two hour session of holdem and I think the drive up and back did as much to clear my head as the actual poker.

Monday was a picture perfect Colorado day. I got to the pool for 1200 yards in the morning. We also made it out to the mall to do some shopping. We actually left empty handed, but I did get a chance to look at the Omega Seamaster at Ben Bridge and confirm my choice of fry pan at Crate & Barrel. That afternoon, my daughter and I took a long overdue stroll and were able to explore some of the dirt paths that will hopefully be my running salvation as the months unfold.

Aside from two loads of laundry, two turns of the dishwasher and some grocery shopping, I did absolutely nothing constructive all weekend.

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