Monday, March 09, 2009

Day at the Pool

This Sunday, I made good on a long overdue trip to the pool with my 2 year old. In anticipation she had been saying “Diya swimming” since about Thursday. It had been so long that we actually had to go suit shopping on Saturday as her 12 month suit was digging into her shoulders pretty harshly.

As it had been a while, I should have checked the recreation center’s website. That would have saved us 15 minutes waiting outside for them to open. Getting there early did afford us the opportunity to get dressed leisurely and get a table that we really didn’t need.

Once in the pool, she had a really good time. We went back and forth between the walk in pool and the 3 foot pool. Fortunately I remembered a float toy which we had gotten last year. I got a little bold with her in the 3 foot pool. After sticking my head under water, I put her head underwater. She was a little alarmed, but not panicky at all. She said “ears” which was kind of a relief that she instinctively did not swallow water, but instead was concerned about water going in her ears.

To warm up we also spent to sessions in the family spa during which she fell in over her head from the step that she was walking on. I was pretty close and relieved to see that our session in the 3 foot section prepared her for the dunks in the spa area.

After 30 minutes I was getting pretty bored, but indulged her interest and we ended up staying in the pool area for another 20 minutes before I said enough is enough. Getting dressed was painless as well and we were able to get dried up to head home. I can’t say it will become a Sunday habit, but hopefully I can get her over there every couple of weeks. It is cheaper than the museums and good for her to develop a comfort level in the water.

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