Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Our family had a new edition a couple of weeks ago and that event has made for some very exciting times. Having experience with the first certainly makes the second easier, but it is never easy. Fortunately Nisha is a good eater and reasonable sleeper. Our first daughter is feeling more of the pain, finally having to sleep in her own room and no longer having uninterrupted access to both parents all the time. My Mother-in-Law is in town and my wife intends to take a full maternity leave so the pressure is off of me to large extent. However there are always changes.

In anticipation of the little one, I started exercising in the mornings. After getting up 2X in the middle of the night, a 6:00 AM swim workout just isn’t as inviting as an extra 30 minutes of sleep. Similarly the chores in the evenings have not slowed down much. Stopping by the grocery store is a regular occurrence. I am a little nervous about maintaining a balance between family, work and personal goals.

A nice way to meld a couple of buckets has been taking my older daughter out in the jogging stroller. I am sure it is some impact to my running form, but she seems to enjoy it and it gives my wife a break. As the year progresses I will give stronger consideration to bicycle commuting to amplify my weekly miles. It will be tough to replace the morning swim, but one evening a week and an hour on the weekends is pretty easy to pull off.

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