Thursday, July 16, 2009


It is about time for a training update. Per my plan, I am supposed to building towards next week’s PEAK. In actuality, I am coming off of a rest week from a family vacation. I have done about 3 speed workouts, which have not exactly been blazing. I have also reached the patience threshold with the family. My daughters are clamoring for the park. My wife is tired of waiting for me to get back from a bike ride to help put the girls to bed.

However putting everything in perspective, I am still pretty excited. I am relatively on plan and have signed up for my second triathlon in August. I have the fitness level to complete the distance handily barring any mechanical or health issues. I am also comfortable enough with the disciplines that I could sign up for a “fun” dip-and-dash mid-week.

I am approaching the inflection point where I want to get more bang for my buck with the limited training hours. This means I can no longer just go for a swim. I better have warm-up and pace targets and stick to them or re-evaluate. I have some of the tools to do this and am getting closer to pulling the trigger on a power meter. I am actually looking forward to my off-season when I can push the limits a little more. At my fledgling stage, I have been reluctant to risk over-training and have been throttling back more than forward.

From Prep to this week, I had planned on 82 hours and I am coming in at 72.5 hours (88% of plan) which is a pretty reasonable. I have only completed 2 out of 5 test periods and that is more of a concern as it would be nice to have a good baseline for future seasons.

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