Monday, August 24, 2009

Rocky Mountain Bicycle Show

I had the pleasure of attending the Rocky Mountain Bicycle Show (RMBS) this past weekend. It was quite a thrill for me to take a peek at high end and custom frame offerings. The exhibiters were well versed between mountain, road, cyclocross and track offerings.

Brian Baylis was at the show. His website has a tagline of vintage cycle studios. I had heard of him before, but to see the lugs and finishing close up was quite a treat. I have no intention of purchasing a piece of his art, but it was pretty cool.

Chris Kopp is a local builder who I was less familiar with. Out of his shop in Arvada, he does a range of fabrication along with custom bicycles. I really enjoyed talking with him regarding his philosophy on bike building. I was also equally impressed with his price points that are very fair considering the investment of his time in the start to finish process. Depending on how the off season goes, you may see me on a Chris Kopp time trial bike in the spring.

Another cool exhibitor was Howie Cohen of Everything Bicycles. He is a life long collector of bicycling items and has amassed an impressive collection that he is not putting up for sale. There were several items I would have loved to see on my walls, but am not sure if I am ready to pay for.

There was also a pretty cool display on the history of the racing bike from 1928 through the early 1980’s. I was pleased to see Gios represented in the mix.

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