Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Season Finale

Well my 1st official triathlon season culminates this Sunday with the Rattlesnake Sprint triathlon. This is a short course event with a 500 meter swim, 12 mile bike and 5K run. The distances are pretty reasonable and my training to date has been surprisingly on track. I would have liked to do more speed work, but I did not make the time or the effort. It is much easier to just roll out of the house while slapping the heart rate monitor on.

My training went well without any overuse injuries or random injuries. My goals were significantly narrowed down. Last year, I completed the Bolder Boulder 10K and decided to make a triathlon bid. I was already running 4-5 days a week and figure I could just do an additive 2-3 swim workout and 2-3 bike workouts. This was a big mistake and my body could not adapt to the training load.

I am looking forward to a break from formal training. My pool will be closed for August 17th to September 6th so there will be no swimming. I will probably take a week off of running as well to try to completely shake what feels like an irritated bursa on my right Achilles. That leaves bicycling which is form of exercise that I turn to most fondly. I have a lot of childhood memories and regardless of my fitness level, I can usually always enjoy some time in the saddle. Also my road biking is not plagued by haunting race memories as was the now sold mountain bike.

I am also looking forward to the off season so that I can push myself a little more and get closer to the edge without worrying about being in-form for an event. The cooler weather will allow for some indoor strength training which I feel is very beneficial for injury prevention.

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