Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Movie Roundup

The past couple of weeks have been psychologically exhausting with some minor health issues that have sidelined my training, inhibited my activities of daily living, and sucked me into visual media hell. I have not exercised since August 27th. I have not been flossing, using pomade, applying aftershave or applying skin lotion during my morning routine and have been hesitant to even open jars. Media hell is loosely defined for me with seemingly endless syndicated television series and movies.

Saint Ralph was a pretty good running movie. The plot is based on a private school teenager who is pushed onto the cross country team to diffuse the excess energy that is leading him to mischief and impure activities. Ralph’s background includes a Father killed in the war and a Mother who is in a coma due to a prolonged illness. His teenage adventures create a gem of a movie with the climax being his entry into the Boston Marathon.

Duplicity was a well cast but difficult to watch drama. Julia Roberts and Clive Owen make for choice leading roles. However the plot jumps around quickly enough that it cannot be watched with a two year old running around. All in all it is a great story line on industrial espionage and gamesmanship on the part of pharmaceutical company executives.

Personal Effects is a must view drama. Interestingly it was released as direct to video despite starring Ashton Kutcher and Michelle Pfeiffer. The plot is based on our hero and heroine meeting in a support group for families affected of murder victims. Their paths continue to cross at the county courthouse and a relationship forms. It is well acted and a very engaging story regarding the effect of loss on a person.

17 Again is just a bad movie. The story line has been hashed out numerous times with a middle-aged individual transformed into a teenager. In this case our hero learns not to feel sorry for himself and to become more engaged in his marriage. The cute antics do not justify the movie in any way.

Beyond the movies listed, I have also been watching 2005 and 2006 Criminal Minds re-runs along with tidbits of Gangland. Also we have been tuning into The Office, Seinfeld and even the King of Queens. It has been kind of disheartening, but hopefully the corner turns soon. Spending this much time at home has brought out my cranky side and I have been getting on my wife’s nerves.

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