Friday, November 06, 2009


My wife recently purchased tickets for us to see U2 during their upcoming tour. It should be a nice night out and with 7 months to prepare we should be able to arrange child care. Coincidentally I came across a blog that listed a person’s top three party towns (New Orleans, Amsterdam and Las Vegas) and it got me thinking about my mindset as a father of two in my late thirties.

Using the definition of a night out dancing without children, the last three times I have been “partying”

Summer 2008 – Martini Ranch, Denver
January 2008 - Wedding, Mumbai
January 2007 – Wedding, Austin

It is not a question of time anymore but rather inclination. The thought of going out on the town to mix with like-minded individuals is terrific as recreation or a pastime. However, my recreation lately has been oriented towards solitary activities or at least anonymity. A joy of my life is that I am constantly surrounded by my family and we can interact and have fun in a variety of settings on a daily basis. It is hard to believe that there are times when I look towards going to a movie by myself with anticipation.

P.S. I was looking to add a picture to this post but could not decide on one. I highly recommend doing a google image search for "partying" Very funny.

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