Monday, November 16, 2009

Snowed In?

This past weekend came and went with little hoopla. I do not have any movies to review nor do I have a tale from the casinos to tell. Instead it was a nice weekend to spend time with the family courtesy of a snow storm that rolled in Friday evening. Friday evening was a night of baby-sitting that was quite the challenge. For some reason I could not get our girls to bed. Daughter 1 eventually caved at 11:00 PM. Daughter 2 did a fake and was still up when my wife rolled in later that evening.

Saturday was kind of nice in that I was able to go to the gym and get some exercise. During the summer I would usually make a point of going on a bike ride, but that has been more challenging. I joined a local gym a while back, but have not made much use of it. I think the winter will provide a lot more opportunity. Surprisingly as the worst of the weather rolled in, the family loaded up to attend a baby shower in Southeast Denver. It was actually a very nice event and an opportunity to support the grandparents-to-be. The family has been very supportive of my wife and is just fun to be around.

Sunday was snow shoveling and football. I did manage to slip out to the gym and I think that is why I felt somewhat more refreshed returning to work. The past couple of weekends I have fallen into a slump due to either inactivity or a late night at the casinos. Down the road I think I may be better served by catching up on my sleep rather than falling into a sleep deficit over the weekend.

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