Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Football Season

I am not a big sports fan, but I occasionally try to keep up with the season. This is usually when the playoffs start and the home town team is in contention. This year it is a little different. Being from New Orleans, my wife’s family follows the Saints. As they are still undefeated, the games have become even more important. Along with that, I have limped into the playoffs with my fantasy football team. As a result I am keeping an eye on a few games myself as the money I typically write off every year, may actually generate a return.

This morning I went as far as adding the sports & entertainment package to our standard cable package. For some reason the FOX line-up in Denver does not include Saints football. Fortunately next week’s game is being televised on the NFL network. With my brother-in-law in town, it will be a purple and gold day at our place.

Until last night, my wife did not dig into the details of fantasy football scoring. As I explained it to her, I realized how much it changes the way a person watches a game. Instead of “Go San Fran,” I find myself saying “Give it to Gore, I am glad Davis dropped that last pass.” It is certainly more fun to bet on teams straight up and that is why sports book is such a profitable business.

Entering week 2 of the playoffs, the 10 team in my league have been whittled to 4 and I face the top team in the league. This is not really cause for concern as I managed the playoffs with the lowest seeding and squeaked past my first round opponent by one point. “On any given Sunday, you are either going to win or you are going to lose.”

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Anonymous said...

Um --- I hate to post this but the Saints are BLACK AND GOLD not purple-- LSU is Purple and Yellow. Gotta get your colors right if you are gonna talk about the Cajun teams - GEAUX SAINTS! Beat the Cowgirls!