Thursday, January 28, 2010

Coin Shows

I am always amazed at the wealth of information and gatherings that are available for collectibles enthusiasts. Whether it is cars, coins or quilts there is no shortage of clubs who hold regular meetings, get together for social events, and also have shows at which vendors and attendees can buy, sell or trade items belonging to their affliction.

In the past I have attended gem shows, gun shows and coin shows. There have probably been others, but those come to mind of the top of my head. I attended a coin collectors meeting and would probably participate in more clubs if I had the time. I think it is an important social cue for individuals like me who are not particularly outgoing, but have a tendency to make friends through repetitive interaction.

Even in the absence of socialization it is fun to be around people who are excited about a hobby or activity. That could be a running club or a book club. Coin shows are particularly interesting because an astute eye can prove coin collecting to be an investment rather than a just a hobby.

I have taken my children to coin shows in the past and they are both still too young. However time will tell what level of interest they take in collectible items.

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