Wednesday, January 27, 2010

JAVA delisted

JAVA is no longer listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange. This aside is but a minor detail in the Oracle acquisition of Sun Microsystems. $7.4B is finally changing hands and Oracle and Sun Microsystems can operate as a single company. This should lead to improved short term and long term decisions for the former Sun management who have positions in the new company. For individual contributors, a platform should be set to claim that their day-to-day efforts have long term value.

My personal journey in technology started in high school as I had a fondness and aptitude for math and science. I parlayed this into an engineering degree from Purdue University. The trifecta was earning a position at StorageTek. This allowed me to develop products that improved the bottom line for businesses. I was also the named inventor on four patents issued to StorageTek. Those patents became the property of Sun Microsystems as the result of a 2005 acquisition. Those patents are now owned by Oracle as the result of this 2010 acquisition.

We are not starting from a blank slate, but are instead to be thrust into a well oiled technology player who has successfully integrated several large companies in order to provide tightly integrated high quality solutions to customers, value to shareholders and a sense of direction and achievement to employees.

What is a performance driven culture? At StorageTek it was developing high margin products occasionally faster than possible. At Sun it was bucking convention and developing technology without a hard link to products and price points. Time will tell what the performance message is at Oracle.

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