Monday, May 17, 2010

Long Ride

I pushed the envelope a little bit this weekend with a 19 mile ride on Saturday and a 33 mile ride on Sunday. For reference the 33 miler is the longest I have ridden since I started tracking my workouts in June of 2008. Further I only have 3 rides during the past two years that have exceeded 25 miles.

The ride in question was great. I took off from my house south of Standley Lake towards SH 128. From there I picked up the Morgul Bismark loop. In the past when I have headed out in this direction, I have consistently talked myself out of doing the loop and instead doubling back when I hit SH 93. Considering the Superior Morgul Classic is coming to town on the 25th anniversary of American Flyers, I had to ride the route. I am tempted to try a road trip to Colorado National Monument, but that is a pipe dream right now.

According to, my ride included 1860 feet of climbing which is pretty significant to me. I finished both water bottles and sucked down my Clif Shot at the 1 hour mark. In the future I should probably get some big water bottles or a spare in the jersey pocket along with some more food.

The starch was completely out of my legs this morning, but I am pretty happy with the effort.

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