Monday, June 28, 2010

Morning Workouts

As the mercury has crept into the 90’s, I have started to look for ways to beat the heat. My schedule is such that I rarely have an excuse not to train in the mornings. This weekend, I did take advantage of the temperature at the 6:00 AM hour. Saturday I crawled out of bed for a terrific bike ride. From my house I headed onto the Morgul-Bismark for a loop and managed to be home in time to make help with breakfast. Sunday was a little harder as I planned a long run. This 70 minute effort was more challenging than I had hoped. I had a tough time even sustaining a 12 minute/mile pace. I think nutrition played a role as it is much easier to digest food on the bike than before a run.

I usually would opt for an open water swim on the weekends, but I was waiting for my sleeveless wet suit to arrive. Hopefully it arrived today and I will schedule a session at Union Reservoir tomorrow or Grant Ranch on Wednesday.

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