Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Trainer Ride

This year I am getting an early start on setting up the indoor trainer. In reality I should probably keep it set up year round for weekday rides and get out on the roads for the weekends. This morning I rode for 50 minutes at a slow recovery pace just to get the feel for riding indoors.

It actually took me longer than expected to get set up. The easy parts were getting the bike down to the basement and finding the wheel block. One challenge was that the trainer did not like the skewer I had on the road bike. So I had to switch skewers out between the road bike and the tri bike.

Then it was a challenge to get something to watch on television. I had to replace the batteries in two remote controls before I could fire up the Wii and watch some Netflix on demand. I watched the first half of “Easier with Practice.” The movie was not terribly entertaining, but it certainly beats staring at the walls or the power numbers.

My plan is to ride 2X/week on the trainer and 1X/week outdoors on the weekends when I can take advantage of the few daylight hours.

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