Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Material Christmas

Christmas is a fun time for children. My wife did a great job highlighting the children’s gifts. She is kind of hard to ship for, so I usually just pick up several items that are easy to return. This year they were a little harder to return and included jewelry and sportswear.

I got quite the bundle of goodies this year. The highlight was the Finis Swimsense which I did a review of earlier. I also got myself a new pair of Rockport’s for work and a “Germantown Track & Field” sweatshirt. For whatever reason, I have been wanting this for quite some time as it was the only time in my life that I really felt like part of a team as we all trained together daily during the season. My wife also ordered me Trizophrenia, Teenage Dream and Cannibal.

I started reading Trizophrenia. It is an entertaining read, but will not go down as a classic that I read multiple times. I guess that is why it is still not available at my local library. Cannibal is a decent CD and the tracks are familiar as a follow up to Animal. I have not taken the time to listen to Teenage Dream yet.

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