Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Reliving the Glory

I have had the opportunity to watch Bud Greenspan’s Olympic Films. Apparently he produced several of these films which are being broadcast in remembrance of his life. I am usually not into the human interest side of things, but these movies are enthralling. I watched Seoul 1988 and am currently watching Barcelona 1992.

The films are 3 hours broadcast time and highlight key athletes and match ups during the games. I am particularly drawn in by track & field and swimming events, but have learned something about rowing, judo, gymnastics, cycling, diving and other events as well. All of these games took place during my adult life and I am familiar with the names of the athletes representing the USA. I am less familiar with the international athletes, but that is the beauty of the series.

The sacrifices of an Olympic athlete are unimaginable, but Greenspan does a good job of bringing some of that to light with interviews of the parents and coaches of the various athletes. When a vignette of the competitors lives are offered, the games take on a dimension, I had previously not considered.

While it is unlikely that I will watch all of the events of the 2012 London Olympics, I will preview the schedule of events and Tivo some of them as well.

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