Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What’s for Dinner?

I have had some small successes with this question the past few days.  Last night I grilled sweet corn and bratwurst.  Sunday night, I prepared sautéed zephyr squash and chicken.  Even more surprising is that we have not eaten out for dinner since the aforementioned Tuesday night at Taco Bell.  We did have lunch out on Saturday at Masalaas, but that doesn’t count as a negative as it is relatively healthy vegetarian fare.

The farmers market on Sunday was another success.  From Star Acre Farms, I purchased heirloom yellow pear tomatoes ($4/lb) and a zephyr squash ($1).  From Great Harvest Bread Co, I purchased a loaf of white bread ($5.25).  Finally from Rocky Mountain Orchards, I purchased a jar of apple pear chai jelly ($8).  Paying $8 for jelly is a little over the top, but the rest of the prices were fair for a farmers market.

Our new King Soopers is coming along as well.  The deli, bakery and meat department are all expanded. There is a brand new cheese section, salad bar and Mediterranean/olive bar.

Summer fruits and vegetables being available make cooking easier as well.  In the winter we are dependent on fresh foods from overseas which by default will taste different from locally grown products.

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