Thursday, December 15, 2011

2012 Goals

Now is about the time I start setting up goals for the year.  Last year I grouped goals in the realms of relationship, health and family.  I did not have any career, hobbies or friends goals.  Overall, I fell on my relationship and health goals, but made decent progress by reducing the amount of television I watched and spending more time with the family.

This year, I am at a loss for what to track.  I have made reasonable strides in most aspects of my life by creating and tracking goals since 2006.  Relationship wise, I feel me and my wife are on better ground.  I have made some career progress through happenstance.  I got a recent health boost by lowering my blood pressure and dropping some weight with a trip to India.  I have maintained my fitness training, went overboard with casino trips (148 hours versus 125 hours last year), and rekindled an old hobby.  I have not kept in better touch with my friends, but I have made a new friend in the neighborhood.

I am struggling with my race calendar as well.  I intend to do a half marathon again and will definitely do a few stroke & strides.  However, an “A” race is not jumping out at me.  It might be a good year to level set my expectations.  I managed my gout much better last year and that allowed me to race more often.  I did not miss training time except for travel since January of 2011.  I hope that trend continues.

Q1 will have some travel involved as we are planning on being in Florida in February and I am considering a trip to Memphis in March. 

Maybe the next few weeks will provide some inspiration.

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