Monday, January 09, 2012

Best of 2011

I have seen several bloggers put together best of lists, so I thought I should generate my own.

  • ThermoWorks ThermaPen – This thing is incredible and next to my knives and pyrex dishes is my most reached for kitchen gadget.
  • Kindle – I received this for my birthday and while hesitant at first, I love this thing and would read exclusively on it.  I get books from the library to save money.  I would not purchase a book today except for collectibles.
  • Craft Base Layer – This was a Christmas gift and is by far the best piece of cycling clothing I own.

  • Boulder Stroke & Stride – This race was special as my family came out to cheer for me as part of my 40th birthday.  I did OK in the race as well.

  • Unknown – Liam Neeson continues to impress me and this had all of the action and twists and turns that I like in movies.
  • Limitless – This is just a great story about human potential.  I saw it in theaters and again via Netflix.
  • Moneyball – This is my kind of sports movie with some theory, good acting and a sports background.

  • Cutting for Stone, Verghese – I enjoyed both Verghese books I read, but this one was just very well written with a great story.

  • Sons of Anarchy – FX has done pretty well with television dramas and this is no exception.  The story line has become somewhat convoluted over 4 seasons, but I am willing to stay up late to see this drama unfold.
  • Reliving the Glory – These Olympic films by Bud Greenspan were a gem I came across on NBC Universal Sports.  I really enjoy sports documentaries such as 30 for 30 and other works by ESPN films.  I have seen great programs on network television as well.  These vignettes gave the back story of various Olympic athletes and then the races unfolded.

  • Las Vegas – My wife and I got to travel to Las Vegas for a few days without the kids.  It was the most time we have spent alone together since the kids were born.  It was terrific to sleep in and enjoy meals.  We even saw a show and did a little gambling.

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