Monday, January 16, 2012

Division Championships

This weekend saw the Saints and Broncos eliminated from Superbowl contention.  Living in Denver, it was tough to watch the game.  The whole organization overcame a tough season with tough personnel decisions to win the division and get past the Steelers.

Unfortunately the way the game unfolded put a stressor on my marriage.  The game became pretty one-sided in the first half.  As a result we started flipping through the channels before my wife stopped on the Miss America Pageant.  Usually this is not a problem as neither of us are pageant fans.  However my wife started to relay the changing “beauty” of the current contestants compared to years past.

At this point I should relate the events of the morning.  After returning from morning swim practice, I was spending some time with the family.  The weather was particularly nice and I was considering going for a bike ride.  It was so nice in fact that my daughters convinced me to take them to the Apex center to go swimming.

The Apex center has a very kid friendly zero entry area and plenty of slides to keep the kids entertained.  This particular Saturday the place was packed.  If ski clothing is the ultimate equalizer, the kid’s area at the pool is the ultimate differentiator.  People come in all shapes and sizes.  Childbearing and childrearing takes a toll on families.  I am a middle aged man with love handles and a solid farmer’s tan.    I am certainly not turning any heads, nor are 95% of the individuals in the kid’s area.  It isn’t the Copa.

Some men and women do surprise me.  They are incredibly fit and either through great genetics, rigorous training or both.  Keeping an eye on two kids under 5 is a full time job.  There is very little socializing even for the Moms that come in pairs or trios with a gaggle of kids.

The Broncos game and a morning at the Apex are unlikely events that led to the following inappropriate comment upon hearing about the Miss America contestants.  “There sure were some hot Mammas at the pool this morning.”  While the fallout was trivial, I blame the beautiful Colorado weather and Brady’s record setting 5 touchdowns for me putting my foot in my mouth.

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Get Clued In! said...

Well, as long as it doesn't happen again, it's okay I suppose. Your wife is the only hot mamma in your life now. Accept it and move on. Your whole family will be better for it.