Thursday, February 09, 2012

Masters Swimming

I do not have a swimming background, but I am a proponent of Masters Swimming based on my participation since December 2009.  Masters swimming is for fitness and competitive swimmers over 18 years old.  I am at the less experienced end of the spectrum which also includes former age group, high school, collegiate, national and Olympic swimmers.

During 2010 I slowly got my yardage up and began to learn all four strokes.  2011 was a great year for me and in addition to understanding all four strokes, I began to learn flip turns and tried coming off the blocks.

All of my experience has been with one coach and one pool.  As a small group there have been standard political issues that have been largely over my head.  I am not sensitive to water temperature.  I also cannot evaluate my coach versus any other coach.

Recently my coach has resigned from the program sponsored by the county recreation department.  This is alarming to some and I have even come to understand that some people joined the program just for the coach.  Some team members intend to boycott the program.  I enjoyed practice as usual this morning and really just enjoy swimming.  Hopefully that doesn’t change.

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