Monday, April 23, 2012

Running with the Stroller

This weekend I had the opportunity to take my kids running in the stroller.  There is a park we like that is about 2 miles from the house that I thought would be perfect for a run out, half hour at the park and then run back.  Going out is slightly downhill as the path follows a creek.

The run out worked out really well although the girl’s attention span was stretched after being out there 20 minutes.  The park was fun as usual.  There were several other kids out there also. 

The run back was a little tougher.  I am assuming the sun just took it out of me.  Although the route back was slightly up hill, I was running even slower than I expected to be.  The girls even complained of being hot.  About a half mile from home, I decided I was better off just walking the stroller back.

It would have been easier to just go out on an out and back run by myself.  However, it was good to get a tougher workout in and spend time with the kids.  During this particular weekend the choice was to go running with the girls or not go for a run.  I definitely made the right choice, but next weekend I think we will go running earlier in the day.

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