Monday, May 07, 2012

May – Better Husband

My April goal of training had pretty good success.  I managed 21,800 yards in the pool, 170 miles on the bike and 41 miles running.  The swimming and biking were highs for April, but the running was well behind last year’s mileage in April.  I got in a track workout and also stepped up my weight training.

In terms of my January, February, and March goals, I did not fare so well.  My spending was above normal.  I was cold turkey on casino gaming.  My weight increased during the month and was up 4 pounds from March 31st.

I selected May for being a better husband as May is my wedding anniversary.  I often fall short of appreciating my wife and am even critical of her.  We do not spend much quality time together.  The time we do spend together is most often spent child rearing or trying to detangle miscommunications.  I have made some significant strides over the past several years.  I make a point of being at home more.  Conflict rarely blows up and stays contained to the topic at hand.  The biggest challenges I am aware of are not listening well or making efforts to please my wife.

May will not be the ideal month to focus on these changes.  My wife will be out of town for a couple of weeks and the girls have gymnastics and swimming lessons this month.  Further my parents are going to be in town for a week.  I don’t balance being a good son and a good husband well.

My wife has made some great strides in personal development.  She has lost weight the past few months and is very encouraging of my hobbies.  She continues to excel in her core strengths of being socially active and keeping our family involved in a broad range of activities.  She also maintains a healthy balance between work, family and activities.

For my part, I want to be available and engaged in conversations we have.  Further I want to do nice things on a regular basis.  By nice things, I don’t mean just flowers, but compliments and encouragement when appropriate.  She is a good mother, wife and daughter and I applaud her efforts.

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