Tuesday, June 05, 2012

2012 Goals – June – Watch Less Television

My May goal of being a better husband did not have much success.  My wife and I had a date night for our anniversary.  I did not manage to provide much encouragement and was at times critical.  However in terms of communication, I did stay on topic and say what’s on my mind in a timely manner.  I also still managed to tune the family out when watching television.  Being home more may be the first step, but certainly not the last in terms of being a better husband.

My previous month’s goals were equally not maintained:

January – Spending – It has been an expensive month with a new suitcase, bicycle build and a new helmet
February – Casino Gaming – Still cold turkey, my last trip was March 30th.
March – Weight Loss – My weight was up 1 pound from May 1st to June 1st.
April – Training – After a good month, this fell off.  Training was off due to scheduling conflicts with my wife out of town.

Now in June, I would like to focus on watching less television.  I watch roughly 10 hours of television per week.  This is usually one hour per day on weeknights and two hours per day Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  I spend more time watching television than I do training or playing cards.  It is my primary pastime when I am at home and I will usually retire around 8:30 PM or 9:00 PM to watch television.  This is time I allocate instead of spending time with the family, reading or taking care of errands around the house. 

My goal for the month will be to have one television free night per week.  I occasionally manage this by happen stance.  However, I am going to make a concerted effort to not watch television on Wednesday nights and try to spend that time on household tasks and/or interacting with my children.

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