Wednesday, June 27, 2012

All Sport Recovery

I had a chance to check out All Sports Recovery this past weekend.  I had put in a pretty good ride in the morning and figured I would take a look at how professional athlete’s recover.  It was surprisingly quiet Sunday afternoon.  I was greeted and given a tour of the facility, which sits above Christy Sports in Boulder.  It is a little sprawling and includes several massage tables, ice bath, warm bath, various lasers, a hyperbaric chamber, hypoxic training station, inversion table, and two large rooms for using the NormaTec MVP compression boots.

As a recreational/fitness athlete it was quite a treat for me to see the studio that Ironman World Champions and other world class athletes use to recover.  Glancing at all of the signed magazine covers made me feel like I was in a museum.

I decided to do a recovery flush with the NormaTec MVP boots.  I had heard of these being used by the Slipstream Sports cycling team and knew they were available at All Sports Recovery.  I picked out a lounge chair, grabbed the remote and settled into the boots.  They hook up quick and I selected the 30 minute recovery flush.  As promised my legs went from feeling dead to feeling like I could go for a ride.  I also checked out the cold lasers, but am not currently treating any injuries.

All Sports Recovery has a world class staff on hand for massage, muscle restoration therapy and chiropractic care.

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