Friday, July 27, 2012

Granite Countertops

We don’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen and based on the layout of the home, it is not really a gathering spot when entertaining.  However, we have been considering a kitchen remodel for a few reasons.  The appliances are getting older and my wife and I have an affinity for stainless steel.  The current above counter sink we have does not lend itself to keeping the countertops clean.  The caulk is constantly darkening and any water residue needs to be wiped up rather than wiped into the sink.  Finally we struggle to keep the sink area clean with multiple dispensers for hand soap and dish soap.  We also have a water purification system that is simply a nuisance.

We are pretty firm on granite.  The cost is not significantly higher than other surfaces.  Further the granite will retain more value at resale.  We will stick with a lighter color to match the flooring and accent the lighter wood cabinets.

I need to pull out my measurements again, but I believe we were in the ballpark of 60 square feet.  That works out to around $3600 for the stone plus another $2000 for installation, haul away and the new sink.  If we got carried away with finishing or backsplash it could be more expensive.  $5000 is fairly pricey for a minor home improvement, but we have been considering it since we moved into the house.

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