Monday, November 12, 2012


I had a chance to see “Argo” the other night and was not disappointed.  The movie is based on the declassified mission for exfiltration (exfil) of six foreign service workers who were able to escape capture when Islamic militants took control of the US Embassy to begin the Iran Hostage Crisis.

 The background of the story is quite gripping and I know very little about US Iran relations.  Most of what is in the news today is in regards to a nuclear Iran.  My previous background is simply the scandal during the Reagan era known as the Iran Contra Affair.  Although I knew that US citizens were being held hostage in Iran, I did not really know what that meant in 1980.

The film was directed by Ben Affleck who also portrays the CIA agent sent to Iran for the exfil.  The movie is well acted and very well paced.  I did not know if Argo was successful or not, so I wasn’t sure if I were in for a “Perfect Storm” or “Thirteen Days” ending.

I am usually a big fan of dramas, action films, and historically based films.  This did not disappoint and I can understand why it got a whopping 95% on the tomato meter.  I am now interested in reading “Guests of the Ayatollah” by Mark Bowden.

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