Thursday, May 16, 2013

EHFD5K 2013

The course changed a little bit to provide a stadium style finish into the Broomfield campus courtyard.  The overall distance was 3.3 miles and I managed a 28:55 finish.  I went out a little fast but felt comfortable.  I need to reconsider racing with a heart rate monitor.  I tried to maintain between 170 and 175 bmp effort level, but had a lot more left in the tank than I expected.  The final 0.3 miles I cruised through in a 7:18 pace.

My average pace was 8:49 (HR avg 171, max 190) which was well behind last years 8:31 (HR avg 181, max 190) pace.  I was 4 pounds lighter last year that contributes 0:08 seconds per mile and a year older which costs 0:05 seconds per mile.

It was a lot of fun and well supported by the fitness center staff.

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