Wednesday, May 01, 2013

2013 May Goal - No fast food

So far I have not done much to meet my 2013 goals set at the beginning of the year.  I set up some healthy eating goals, but have not had much success.  I have been eating a larger variety of breakfast foods.  I have not gotten into juice meal replacements, nor have I done anything to cut back on sweets after 5:00 PM.  By happenstance, my April goal of cooking at home twice per week worked out. 

I had my annual physical in April and decided I should try to have a salad rather than rice or noodle based dinners.  As a result, I am up to 13 cooked dinners.  8 were salads, 2 nights were pasta, 1 night was chicken wraps, 1 night was scrambled eggs and 1 night was homemade pizza.

The goal for May is no fast food.  I originally defined fast as McDonald’s, pizza, etc.  I am going to back off on this definition and instead go with healthy choices when dining out.  In April we dined out 10 nights.  3 nights were Garlic Knot, 1 night was Chipotle, 1 night was McDonalds, 1 night was Big Burrito, 1 night was Yak & Yeti, 1 night was Sushi Ahi, 1 night was Burger King, and 1 night was Subway.  Of the outings, I would like to eliminate McDonalds and Burger King.  I will still go to Garlic Knot, but will not have pizza or pasta.  At Mexican places I will go with naked burritos without rice.  Yak & Yeti, Sushi Ahi and Subway lend themselves to healthy choices.

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