Monday, June 10, 2013

Softball 2013

I finally got the call on Sunday that the team was extremely short of players and could use my help.  Although my spouse was out of town and I was alone with the kids, I decided to head out to the fields to play some softball.

I didn’t warm up my arm or hit the cages.  My primary goal was to stretch to avoid injury.  The coach put me at first base which I was comfortable with.  I did not have to make any throws to third and there were no eventful fielding plays.  I had two at bats.  The first was a ground ball to the short stop which fortunately wasn’t fielded clean and I was able to avoid the fielder’s choice with an error.  The second was a pop-up to left center field that was easily fielded.  It was fun to be out there, but certainly not something I miss enough to commit to a season.

We ended up winning that first game 9 to 8.

The girls did surprisingly well and I considered playing a second game.  However as our game was delayed and went over time, the girls had already been out at the fields for 2 hours and I wasn’t going to press my luck.  Instead we went home for lunch and then went to the community pool.

It was a fun way to see the old gang.  Who knows, maybe I will see everybody tournament weekend.

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