Wednesday, August 14, 2013

2013 August Goal – Dress Nice for Work

My vegetarian Tuesday goal was a success.  Since starting July 9th, I have avoided meat for the past 6 Tuesdays.  This has been harder than I thought.  Breakfast as expected was OK.  For lunch I have been eating egg salad or lettuce, tomato and cheese sandwiches.  Dinner has been the toughest.  I have eaten salads and pizza.  The past two Tuesday’s we have gone out to eat and that has been frustrating as there have been some pretty tasty looking meat dishes on the menu.  The goal was an exercise is self control and sacrifice towards some spiritual end.  I intend to continue to avoid meat on Tuesdays.

The goal for this month is to dress nicer at work.  I started today with khaki cotton pants and brown loafers.  I am very pleased with this first step and am surprisingly comfortable at work.  I do somewhat miss the comfort of tennis shoes, but jeans are particularly comfortable when you are sitting for long periods of time.

The goals from previous months have not been going as well.  I think having a single day a week is a better way for me to put mind share towards a particular effort.  Unless something is a real issue, it is hard to go cold turkey for a month.  It is easy to tune out and put goals on the back burner.  Not eating fast foods for a month and having a non-bagel breakfast twice per week are examples of this.  There is nothing inherently wrong with either dietary trend.   I had a hard time applying mind share to a goal that is tracked at the end rather than daily.

Looking forward, I am still planning on group exercise class, story time with the kids, going to the temple, a household inventory and donating clothes.

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