Thursday, October 17, 2013

Gift Card Fever

I have been on a tear the past few months.  Since May, I have won the following gift cards from great organizations across the Front Range.

$25 Road Runner Sports – via Oracle EHFD 5K
$10 Runners Roost – via Rocky Mountain Road Runners MTS
$100 Performance Bike – via Oracle Bike to Work Day
$50 Denver Fit Loft – via Arvada Triathlon Club
$100 Endurance House – via KBCO

The funny thing is that I am having a hard time using them up.  The only one I have made a dent in is Performance Bike with 2 boxes of Honey Stinger Waffles and a Park Chain Scrubber.  I still have $30 left on that one and will likely pick up some GoPro accessories.  I have some consumable needs like running shoes, socks, tires and tubes.  However, I have all of the basic gear I need.  My wish list includes extravagant items like new bicycles, racing wheels, fancy electronics and other nonsense that I will probably never actually pull the trigger on.

It is still fun to have the opportunity for a mini shopping spree.  

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