Friday, February 14, 2014

New Hobbies

In recent years, I have found myself with more time on my hands.  This has resulted in me diving deeper into some of my old hobbies and picking up new ones that I have always meant to try.  It is not just time, but mental bandwidth as well.  As my mental bandwidth picks up, following television programming is not longer sufficient to satisfy me.

Last year I renewed an interest in skiing and scuba diving.  Living in Colorado, skiing is a good fit as far as pastimes go.  I enjoy it, but certainly would not be on the slopes every weekend.  Scuba diving is a bit of a novelty living on the Front Range.  There are numerous lakes that are suitable for diving.  However it is more practice for ocean vacations.  Last year I also went stand up paddle boarding for the first time and took my car out to a quarter mile track.

This year I went snowshoeing in January which was a lot of fun.  One thing on the bucket list was kayaking.  To that end, I am finishing up pool lessons offered through Colorado Whitewater and will be participating in a flat water moving water weekend trip in May.  I don’t know if it will progress past there, but I want to give it a shot.

I have some other hobbies on the back burner which I would really like to renew.  Tops among those are tennis and rock climbing.  Next winter I would also like to give cross country skiing a try.  I might even give biathlon a try.  Hopefully I will make plans to go skydiving as well (that is a bucket list item).  After reading “The Amateurs” I got excited about skulling, but should probably see how kayaking goes first.

In terms of more tame pastimes, I would like to take up backgammon, chess, billiards and darts.

I would also like to take an archery lesson.  I friend of mine introduced me to archery briefly, but it did not really take.  

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