Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Kettlebell Routine

I am starting to turn a corner on being willing to incorporate new tricks to improve my health.  Normally, I have shied away from fitness fads that have come and gone.  However I have found that my strength routine unchanged since in 25 years may not be providing the same benefits it once did.

Bench Press – 3 sets
Incline DB Press – 3 sets
Standing Cable Crossovers – 3 sets
Pull Ups – 2 sets
Lateral Pull Downs – 2 sets
Dual Axis Rows – 3 sets

Squats – 3 sets
Lunges – 3 sets
Calf Press – 3 sets
Single Leg Extensions – 3 sets
Military DB Press – 3 sets

I will also usually do sit ups, and throw in alternating DB curls and triceps exercises when time allows.
A few weeks ago I added a stretching routine as I believe this is one of my limiters on bike form and swimming.  It is a 6 minute routine that walks me through stretching.

My latest adventure is Kettlebells which I have seen people using in the gym for quite some time and I have been intrigued.  Certainly more intrigued than I have been by fit balls and Bosu platforms.

In working with the fitness staff at the gym, I have started the following 10-15 minute routine:

Swings:  30 seconds
Clean/Press:  10 each side
Windmill:  10 each side
Squat:  15
Lunges w/pass through:  20
Sit Ups:  8 each side
Turkish Get Up:  still struggling with these, goal is 5 each side

It will take at least a month before I expect to see any improvement.  However, I do like the dynamic aspects and power of the exercises.  It reminds me of plyometrics, which I would like to start again as well.

My plyometrics routine consisted of split squat jumps and box jumps among others.  I am not sure why I dropped this routine.

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