Monday, March 31, 2014

Swim Form

Aside from better camera work and a different color suit, I really don’t see much change in my swim form.  Since last year, I have tried to incorporate a better defined catch and push through the freestyle stroke, but I don’t see video evidence of it.

This year, I also had my IM strokes captured and was reasonably impressed with my butterfly.  While my dolphin motion is not right, I feel better about the timing.

The breaststroke had pros and cons.  Nothing horrible is going on, but body position could use a lot of improvement.  My frog kick looks wrong also.  It seems slow in the water.

My backstroke does not look anything like what I expected.  Aside from dragging my legs through the water, I have anything but straight pointed legs.  I will need to work more on body position.

It is great that the Arvada Triathlon Club could put this together.  I think video feedback is very revealing.



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