Friday, June 20, 2014

Stroke & Stride #3

After a two year hiatus, I returned to the Stroke & Stride.  The event was extremely well run and I was pleasantly surprised that Without Limits Productions was able to improve upon an already stellar race series.

I signed up for the 1500m swim and 5K run.  The water temperature was balmy and had I been swimming 750m or been more comfortable swimming in open water, I would have participated without a wetsuit.  I wanted the comfort of my “unsinkable” wetsuit.

I took off in the swim in the mix of things which is kind of new for me.  I got bumped a little, but not too bad.  I exited the water after the first lap well behind the field, but pretty good for me at 16:09.  It was a slog getting out of the water and jogging along the beach.  I think I tacked on another 90 seconds there.  The second lap was a little slower at 18:36, but considering 200 yards along the beach probably closer to 17:06 for reasonably even pacing.

Transition at 2:29 was pretty quick for me and I headed out on the run without a heart rate monitor.

First mile was 9:00 which was pretty good, second mile was 9:30, and I finished in 28:04 for reasonably even pacing as well.  I was especially impressed as I was running on perceived exertion rather than utilizing a GPS device.

Overall, I finished in 1:05:15.80 which is a Personal Best for me on the long course Stroke & Stride.  I was relaxed and really had a good event.

Stroke & Stride Historic Results

Below is what happens when you forget to turn off your GPS after the swim.  For those of you with nothing better to do, zoom in on the reservoir and you can see how crazy wide I took the first buoy.  The second lap was a lot tighter even though it was slower.

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